Monday, July 13, 2009

BARC Jr. Field Day 2009!

Field day is an annual event for amateur (ham) radio operators that is meant to simulate an emergency situation in which normal power and communications are distrupted and information is sent over radio, using emergency power. It sounds much more serious than it is though--the focus ends up being on learning and having fun. This year, the Barc Jr's (youth auxiliary of the Boulder Amateur Radio Club) set up an intricate and very functional site, where they recorded over 1200 radio contacts all around the US and Canada. The site was powered by a quiet, gasoline-powered generator. Excellent food was provided by BBQ Keith, who had whisps of smoke drifting from the flue of his smoker trailer almost all weekend.

The kids even created their own network of computer terminals and wrote their own program for logging the contacts that they made by radio!

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